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Tutorial on creating Google Plus Brand pages

Google plus has rolled out its brand pages for Businesses, Products, Brands, Companies, bands, etc., and creating a page brings you closer to your customers, fans and followers on Google+. In this tutorial we are going to teach you the steps involved in creating a Google Plus brand pages. So lets go ahead and go through the different steps involved.

In this tutorial we will alongside create our Hitherto Web Labs fan page.

Step 1: Filling Up the Basic Info

Visit this link below to start with creating your Google+ Page

Start Creating your Google+ Page

Then select what category of page you want to create in the left hand side of the page as shown in the below figure

Step 1: Select Category - Create a Google+ Brand Page

Step 1: Select Category

then fill up the Information page with the details of Page Name, Website (optional), Category and Page Visibility and agree to terms and conditions and then click the CREATE PAGE button.

Step 2: Fill in the Google Plus Page Information - Create a Google+ Brand  Page

Step 1: Fill in the Google Plus Page Information

Step 2: Customize your page’s public profile

In this page you can add more details to help people find your page

Please enter the TAGLINE (The 10 words that describe your page best) and upload a Profile Photo

Step 2: Enter Tagline - Create a Google+ Brand  Page

Step 2: Enter Tagline for Your Google+ Page

Now  click on Change Profile Photo button to upload a profile photo for your Google+ Page

After uploading the photo you can do actions like Rotating The Image or Cropping The Image, for more customizing option like playing with playing with colors, exposure, sharpness and other effects click on Creative Kit button.

Step 2: Customize Profile Photo - Create a Google+ Brand  Page

Step 2: Customize Profile Photo

 You can observe that the profile photo we have used is the one we have used for Facebook Page(We are still in the construction of a creative a Facebook Page for our blog) Profile Photo, hence we used the crop tool to crop the image.

After getting the right affect with the profile picture click on Set As Profile Photo button.

Click Continue.

Step 3: Tell everyone about your new page

Now Your Google Plus Brand Page is ready, Yes, In just three steps!!

Now Go ahead and share with everyone about your Google Plus Brand Page.

Step 3: Share Your Google+ Brand Page - Create a Google+ Brand  Page

Step 3: Share Your Google+ Brand Page

Now your Google+ Brand Page is ready for your customers, fans and everyone…..

Take a look at the Google+ Brand Page we created for our blog and do add our page to your circles

Visit hitherto Web Labs on Google+

Do create your own Google+ pages and let us know by posting your comments belowr.

You can also add a badge to your own blog or website to advertise your Google+ brand pages as given below:

After you create the Fan page you will get the link to creating this type of badges, it is also stated that other badge designs are also coming soon.

Hope this tutorial was useful for you, Stay updated with all the tutorials of our blog by:

Want to request a new tutorial, then please Contact me right-away or leave a comment below.

We promise to respond to all tutorial requests

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