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Formula Leap – Online Science and Maths Formulas Coming Soon

Homework, Projects, Exams or Experiments, We always need Formulas in our everyday life. Internet which has become a massive storehouse for all kinds of data has never been a good home for Formulas.

We hence decided to create a website dedicated to providing all the formulas in the world. So today we would like to introduce you, our new Project called FormuLeap.



FormuLeap is a Hitherto Labs project which has been launched as a part of the Hitherto Network© and when launched is going to be the world’s largest collection of Physics, Chemistry and Maths Formulas online, This is going to be a community controlled site with opportunity for each one of you to contribute and edit formulas.

FormuLeap is still in the Alpha phase and you need to get an invitation to have a sneak peak into the system and the best way to get an invitation is to signup at our launch page.

Looking forward on having you all to contribute to the project and help us in making this the world’s largest storehouse of formulas online, Please signup at our launch page by following the link below and share to all your friends and family and help us spread the word about FormuLeap.

Visit FormuLeap »

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